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Rafe Nauen is a world renowned constellation therapist
  • Rafe, heartfelt thanks. What a profound experience to witness the power of your work and the energy created within the fields. I have spent my day warmed by the thoughts and feelings I now hold for my dad, and there is no resentment or anger. It is truly gone. Some part of me needs to analyse the process too much, figure out the 'secret formula' to all this so that it makes complete logical sense to me. Another, greater, part is settling in to the beauty of how I feel today and hopefully all the days ahead, not needing to be able to decipher the exact science behind this shift. Maybe my subconscious was able to reprogram and put the jigsaw together differently, so to speak, as a result of seeing the visual representation of my family constellation and hearing the words from the resonators. I'm incredibly grateful. Pleasure to meet you and be a part of something so meaningful and compassion-centred.
  • 'The Family Constellations session was unlike anything I had previously done and I have attended a lot of workshops over the years. The purpose of the session, in my opinion, was to enable rapid healing of historic trauma through minimal intervention by the participant. As opposed to talking therapy, the participant does not need to replay the details of the old narrative to find some resolution. Instead, the participant observes the interactions between the family resonators and watches how they each interact with one another. This enables the participant to see it from each family member's perspective, allowing a greater degree of objectivity, compassion and understanding. On a personal level, I was able to find some peace in my relationship with my estranged brother, just by observing the situation from his perspective and seeing the world through his eyes. When the resonator in place off my brother placed her hands on my shoulders, I genuinely felt on some level we had found peace. It was quite extraordinary. Rafe and Janey created a very safe space and their facilitation was excellent".
  • I cannot recommend enough Rafe's work - every time I have attended one of his courses, I have got more out of it than expected. In my opinion Family Constellations Therapy goes far deeper into the subconscious than any other practice I have tried. Karen
  • Rafe took me through family constellations in a super profound way.
    He was able to channel and open me up to things I already knew intuitively, but to have things validated and shift was huge for me.
    It's allowed me to cut all ties and chords associated with family members, use my voice properly and have deep compassion and forgiveness.
    Thank you for your work Rafe it's so important.
    Emma Marshall, www.e-marshall.com
  • For me the Money Mindset Workshop was practical, enjoyable and really valuable. It helped me to understand some of the hang ups that I had around the subject of money and being more affluent.
    Overall it was worth so much more than the price of the course. Paul Barlow - therapist
  • The Money Mindset workshop with Rafe & Jenny really helped me identifying the mental blocks and conditioning from the past. It has given me a different perspective in viewing money matters and better ways of handling money matters, which I am learning to put into practice. It was all handled in a compassionate, non-judgemental, sensitive way. Thank you Rafe & Jenny.